I Know Brett Kavanaugh. What is happening is so very wrong.

I am pro-choice, and pro-gun control. I support the #MeToo movement, in fact I am a #MeToo-er. I’m also a #NeverTrump-er. And most importantly I am a #IStillStandWithBrett-er.

People who know me well accuse me of being a closet democrat. I understand by admitting some of these things publicly I may lose friends on both sides of the aisle, but I will risk that because I am heartbroken over what is happening to the Kavanaugh family and America.

I will say again and say to my dying day that Judge Brett Kavanaugh is a good and decent man with the highest moral character.

I was George W. Bush’s personal secretary for his last term in office (for the record I am an avid supporter and fan of President Bush). Ashley Kavanaugh was my predecessor and Brett Kavanaugh was a very close colleague. We have remained friends ever since. I will say again and say to my dying day that Judge Brett Kavanaugh is a good and decent man with the highest moral character.

Brett’s character is being besmirched because of political motivations. Maybe he got drunk and partied too much in high school. So what? Who among us, and I know there are very few, can say we didn’t do the same? But, because he and his friends may have displayed some frat boy behavior (and maybe it was just his friends and not him) that doesn’t mean he did the things of which he’s accused. I bet there are at least a few male senators sitting on the judiciary committee that partied too much or wrote stupid things in yearbooks. That doesn’t mean they committed sexual misconduct.

My cousin has known Brett since she was 15, and hung out with the Prep school boys in the early 80’s. She and dozens of her girlfriends were at many parties with Brett and never witnessed the behavior of which he is accused. In fact, she said he was nothing but polite, respectful and very studious.

She married a very close friend of Brett’s and in 2001 she suggested setting me up with him. But, that didn’t happen — shortly thereafter he started dating Ashley. Still, would my cousin have suggested setting me up with someone who mistreated or disrespected women?

My millennial nephew told me to stop posting about Brett on Facebook because it’s not going to help. Maybe so. I am writing this early in the morning because I can’t sleep. What is happening is so very wrong. I can imagine Brett and Ashley haven’t slept for weeks either.

This is not the America I know and love. We are better than this and I pray fervently every day that Brett’s name will be cleared and that these politically charged accusations will be proven wrong.

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