Dark image of the Night King from GoT S. 8, Ep. 3

Why Game of Thrones Ep. 3 Was So Dark

"The Long Night," the third episode of the final season of Game of Thrones contained one of the most epic sustained action sequences ever...

PODCAST: The Mueller Report (with Nicholas Grossman)

The Mueller Report is in the books. Nicholas Grossman, international relations professor at the University of Illinois and editor at Arc Digital, joins Taylor...

What to Expect from the Mueller Report

Special Counsel Robert Mueller's report is coming Thursday. If Attorney General William Barr's summary is to be believed, those hoping for a grand expose...
AG William Barr shakes hands with Donald Trump in the Oval Office

What to Make of the Barr Letter and the Mueller Report

Attorney General William P. Barr provided Congress with a letter summarizing Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Russia investigation. The letter marked the conclusion of Mr....
Chart of relative amounts of various drugs seized at and between legal points of entry

Evaluating Claims About Drug Seizures at the Border

The amount of drugs seized between legal points of entry has become a key point in the debate over President Trump's proposed border wall....

Mysterious New Construction Underway at North Korea’s Sohae Launch Facility

Recent commercial satellite images show new construction work at the Sohae (Tongchang-ri) Launch Facility in North Korea. The new activity comes just days after...
The U.S. Capitol against a backdrop of dollars.

The National Debt in Five Charts

The national debt is unimaginably large and it is growing larger. The costs of caring for an aging population are driving unsustainable budget deficits...
Congressional candidate displays emotion in ballot fraud hearing.

Mark Harris Calls for New NC09 Election

UPDATE: On Thursday, the North Carolina State Board of Election ordered a new election in the Ninth Congressional District. The vote was unanimous. The...
Man testifies in hearing.

PODCAST: The Dramatic NC09 Ballot Fraud Hearing

As the NC State Board of Elections prepared to decide his father's fate, Mark Harris' son took the stand. in an emotional statement, John...

Virginia Democrats Achieve Simultaneous Faceplant

If you are interested in scandal-free government, do not ask Virginia Democrats. Over the past few weeks scandals have ensnared many of the Commonwealth's...