Federal Cannabis Regulation: Stuck in the Weeds

The legal marijuana market is growing like weeds in the field. Analysts project that worldwide, consumers will spend $16.9 billion on legal cannabis this...

READ: Mueller Court Documents Detailing FBI’s Interview of Michael Flynn

Special Counsel Robert Mueller released several documents Friday disputing the suggestion made by Michael Flynn's attorney's in their sentencing memo that Mr. Flynn was duped into lying in an interview with FBI agents. Among them, Mueller's reply to the defendant's sentencing memo; the FBI's 302 report from the Flynn FBI interview; and, FBI Director Andrew McCabe's notes on the interview.

What to Make of Michael Flynn’s Sentencing Memo

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has asked a federal judge to spare Michael Flynn jail time in recognition of the "substantial assistance" President Donald Trump's...

Can Trump End Birthright Citizenship With an Executive Order?

Just in time for the midterm election, President Trump has reignited a debate over birthright citizenship. In an interview with Axios’ Jonathan Swan for...

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