Virginia Democrats Achieve Simultaneous Faceplant

If you are interested in scandal-free government, do not ask Virginia Democrats. Over the past few weeks scandals have ensnared many of the Commonwealth's...

PODCAST: Peak Trump with David Stockman

Ronald Reagan’s OMB Director, David Stockman, talks about his new book, Peak Trump. In a wide-ranging discussion, Mr. Stockman presents a sobering, data-driven assessment...

How an Ascendant Left Could Be Democrats’ Undoing

The Democratic Party is riding high. They took the House of Representatives in the midterm elections. They bested President Donald Trump in the most...

Why a Solution to the Government Shutdown Remains Elusive

There remains no easy solution to this mess. The shutdown fight is emblematic of an era of governing in which the affairs of state are in direct conflict with the political forces shaping both parties. Until the politicians find a way to strike a balance between the two, hundreds of thousands of Federal workers going without a paycheck will continue to be caught in the middle.

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