Interview: The State of the Union and the Shutdown

If the government shutdown continues, Mr. Trump may have to deliver the State of the Union on paper. Nancy Pelosi suggested that President Trump...

The Government Shutdown Fight Explained

A week into the partial government shutdown, Roughly Explained Editor Taylor Griffin explains what you need to know. READ MORE https://prodroughlyexp.wpengine.com/2018/12/the-government-shutdown-fight-explained/

READ: Defense Secretary James Mattis Resignation Letter

James Mattis, President Trump's Defense Secretary, has resigned his post. A reserved, yet forceful when necessary former Marine Corps General, Mr. Mattis is widely...

The Election Fraud Allegations in North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District Explained

Republican Mark Harris narrowly defeated his Democratic rival, Dan McCready, by a scant 905 votes in North Carolina's Ninth District Congressional race last month....

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